About Us

Sakal – the flagship brand of the Sakal Media Group – was born on January 1, 1932 and has today evolved into the voice of the entire state of Maharashtra. “A newspaper is a medium of public education and of social change.” This has remained our philosophy.

Sakal has stewarded several social initiatives over the past several decades with many of the initiatives going beyond Sakal’s own regional markets, addressing needs across the country. Social impact and social change remains the core of the Sakal’s beliefs even today and with this Sakal is introducing its own Crowdfunding platform - Social For Action. We belief that the role of media today has changed from being an advocate of social causes to being the facilitator or the agent of social change itself.

SFA addresses the many challenges of giving (such as difficulty in discovering the right causes, trust deficit, and overall donor apathy). We share stories of (pre-qualified) individuals and groups with a network of its trusted community and partners, who either specialize in providing and supporting the local communities by promoting products or can connect with the cause to help with a donation.


To use technology & local knowledge to simplify raising funds for creative ideas, causes, charities and other sectors. In the process we want to spur non-profit giving, innovation, accountability and transparency while creating a marketplace that rewards the truly creative and efficient.


We desire to see every Indian contribute 2% of their income to charities. As lack of transparency is one thing which stops most of us from contributing to NGOs. We are trying to address this problem using our innovative model. We believe that with the effective use of technology and introducing crowd-funding to the Indian public, we can create a much effective giving culture.


We are fiercely committed to our purpose and work with a burning desire to deliver our impact. Empathy is why we’re together. We aim to provide unconditional respect, freedom & support to each other.