10 bedded palliative care unit for a tribal area Kinwat

by Dr. Ashok Belkhode
Created Mar 22, 2021 | Kinwat
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About the Organization:
We are working here Health service, Science, Education, Youth, Women & Children, Farmer in Last 25 Years.

Total population of Kinwat taluka is nearly 3 lakh. Kinwat village itself is having large population of 30,000. Nearest city Nanded is 150 km away & another city Yawatmal is 145 km away from Kinwat. There is no national highway nearby. Nearest airport is Nagpur which is 300 km away. It is a tribal area situated in deep forest. It is very notorious for Naxalite activities also. Doctors are not ready to come. It is surrounded by Telangana of Andhra Pradesh on one side and river Painganga on the other. Most of the region gets flooded. Being a tribal & hilly region, the cases of cerebral malaria, high grade fever, sun-stroke, asthma, pneumonia and borne diseases due to flood is very high, in addition to Myocardial infarction eclampsia, obstructed labour, acute appendicitis, acute abdomen, accidental injuries etc. City hospital is more than 145 km away from Kinwat. Therefore, facilities of Emergency treatment is necessary at Kinwat to avoid delay in treatment. For this facility, we require 10 bedded palliative care unit.

For an emergency facility, we require ten bedded palliative care unit for a tribal area Kinwat.
Total Project Cost – Rs.10 lakh.
Project cost breakup:
Equipments - Rs.7 lakh.
Furniture & Fixture - Rs.3 lakh.

Primary Cause:
Medical Health Service for rural marginalised patients.

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