Ambulance for Mushirabad

by Jiyamukti Manavseva Sanstha
Created Mar 23, 2021 | Latur
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About the Organization:
JIYAMUKTI MANAVSEVA SANSTHA (JMS) is a grassroots non- governmental Nation Building organization (NBO) founded in 1999 at Latur district in the state of Maharastra by service minded and dedicated young social activists who were actively engaged in the Killari earthquake rehabilitation program and joined together to form this organization for the Transformation, empowerment, overall development of the disadvantaged section of the society on the values of peace, justice and equity. JMS has involved through a long run journey of last 17 years to its present high level position, with the best reputation as good service organization in the areas of its reach.

In the village of Mushirabad, there is an Old age home of 50 senior citizens, suffering from mental illness and ageing-associated diseases. This village comes under the rural area of Latur district. In this area, public transportation is very poor. The hospitals are also very far from this village. In the case of medical urgency, this elderly-people, require a quick check-up. The Ambulance service is not that responsive in this rural part of Latur district. We need a separate Ambulance for this Old age home to take these Old-people suffering from critical illness to hospital as soon as possible.

Need a dedicated Ambulance for this Old age home to take Old-people suffering from critical illness to the hospital as quickly as possible.

Primary Cause:
Establishing sustainable living as an option for individuals to maintain independence.

Project Location(s):
Latur District
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