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Our Mission is to bring volunteers and organisations together to share time, skills and passion to promote India's social development.

SFA delivers impact in 6 social development areas -










Youth Welfare


Active Citizenship

It achieves its mission by working closely with these volunteers at one end and with organisations that work on these impact areas at the other end.

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Distribution of Food Kits for Students

Food Distribution Location & Time

  • Sadashiv peth - In front of Jnana Prabodhini
  • Navi Peth - Indulal Complex
  • Dattawadi - Dattawadi Police Station
  • Parvati - Near Shani Mandir
  • Narayan Peth - Narayan Peth Police Station
  • ABC Chaowk - Near Prabhat Theater
  • Shukrawar Peth - Near Maharana Pratap Garden
  • Nagnath Paar Chaowk - Near Nagnath Paar Chaowk
  • Wadgaon Dhayri - Wadgaon Dhayri Bridge
  • Dhankavdi - Trimurti Chaowk
  • Narhe Aambegaon - Near Nahre Bridge
  • Shivajinagar Gavthan

Monday to Sunday Time - All location - 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Date - 12 /04/2021 to 30/04/2021

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The Poona School and Home for Blind

You have ample opportunities to work with our students, be it helping them with reading or assisting in games. You can contribute in more than one way to their future.

  • Be a reader
  • Be a storyteller
  • Share your knowledge
  • Spend quality time

Area of Volunteering:
Reading books to the visually impaired, Recording Audiobooks (In studio), Recording Audiobooks (From home), Storytelling, Sports activities, Personality Development, Fundraising, Mentoring, Skill Training.

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Traffic Volunteering Initiative with Pune traffic Police

In our hearts, we all want to do something for the society we live in and there are various things we wish to change. SFA with the Pune Traffic Police helps achieve all of this with a contribution of an hour or two from your daily life!

It is a known fact that, volunteer work always a adds a golden star to your resume! Earn that star from the police department of Pune!

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  • Be A Superhero

All of us have always dreamed of being superheroes at one point in our lives. Through the SFA and Pune Traffic Police volunteer programme you can get a chance to live that dream by saving women suffering from domestic violence, goons’ harassment, rescuing children from child labour and much more!

Nirmalya Collection Drive

“Become a Visarjan Volunteer! Do your bit to save Pune’s Rivers!!”

Every Ganapati Visarjan, tonnes of paper, plastic, thermocol, flowers etc are all immersed into the city’s rivers in the form of ‘Nirmalya’. These offerings pollute our already stressed rivers.

But YOU can MAKE A DIFFERENCE this year!

How? Join the SFA team on the ghats, explain the Nirmalaya Project to devotees and convince them to hand over the nirmalaya for recycling.

You’ll be surprised how cooperative people are when you explain nicely! Last year, SFA members and volunteers diverted 450 TONNES of Nirmalya from Pune’s rivers (yes, 450 tonnes!!) and were highly appreciated by citizens.

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Fort Cleaning Campaign

The magnificent forts around Maharashtra have been a matter of pride for the state for centuries. Sadly enough, the preservation and cleaning of these structures are not taken in to account seriously. SFA, has been working vigorously towards fort cleaning.

Our heritage sites are currently found in ruined state and needs attention. With an objective to inculcate love and affection for heritage sites we initiate physical work on these forts with due permission from various government departments. We involve local villagers in conservation activities, this helps in raising their affection towards the fort.

SFA volunteers visit forts every sunday to collect waste that has been discharged carelessly within the fort and along the walking trails leading to the fort. We have set up dustbins at various forts. The waste collected in the bins is sent for recycling and making the locals a part of the initiative.

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